First solo camp

First solo camp

My Scarp 1 above Ullswater, after bagging Little Mell Fell and Gowbarrow Fell. A cold night was followed by a blustery morning.


Return to Spithope

It’s been a while since my last walk so I decided to take it easy this weekend and just go for a quick jaunt up to Spithope bothy in Redesdale Forest, the location of a pre-Christmas dinner back in December. It’s a little single room bothy with a bed platform for four, chairs and table, a wood burning stove and some worktop space. Well equipped with saws, a shovel and a broom it’s a pleasant place to spend a day or an evening. From Byrness on the A68 it’s an easy 3-mile wander up a forestry track, but if you’re going up there in the dark take care as the track is covered with broken branches and old roots where trees have been harvested near the hut.

Part of my reason for going was to give the place a once over and to help stock the fuel supplies back up using my new Bob Dustrude folding buck saw. I was just out for a few hours and had quite a relaxing time; there’s not many better ways to spend a Sunday afternoon than in your own private woodland retreat now is there? Read More

Supermarket sweep

Outdoor shops will happily sell you Mountain House or Travellunch freeze dried meals, and whilst convenient they rarely live up to expectations – especially considering their £4.50+ price tag. Non-dried alternatives are available from the same outlets, such as the infamous Wayfarer meals. I find these better tasting but the price is still a killer – its hard for me to justify spending £4 on a bit of chocolate sponge cake.

Recently I went on a bit of a hunt for some of the finest and most convenient supermarket camping bargains. My hunt was inspired by a post on the One Swedish Summer blog and a thread on the Bushcraft UK forum. Everything here can be had for less than half the cost of a Wayfarer pudding and most is easily available even at the most ropey-looking rural Spar outlet. Lets eat. Read More

Tarptent Scarp 1 preview

I saved, I waited and I finally purchased it. After going through the process of choosing a one man tent back in September 2012 my Tarptent Scarp 1 arrived just before my last trip a couple of weeks ago. On that night we pitched up in the dark being battered by heavy rain as the big thaw started, meaning I didn’t manage to get any good shots of my new shelter on its first outing. I took the time to set it up in the back yard yesterday to get to grips with the setup and a few features that make this tent special. Having taken it out just the one time I’m nowhere near ready to write a review but I thought I’d share a couple of pictures and my initial thoughts. Read More

Snow you see it, now you don’t

After a bit of a lay-off, and a cancelled trip me and Michael got out to the Lakes this last weekend. Our plan was to spend some time looking round Ambleside to pick up a couple of bits of gear and then head up Loughrigg Fell, get back in the car and drive to Harrop Tarn for a wild camp, then to climb Great Mell Fell and High Rigg on the Sunday. Things almost went to plan. Almost. Read More