Return to Spithope

It’s been a while since my last walk so I decided to take it easy this weekend and just go for a quick jaunt up to Spithope bothy in Redesdale Forest, the location of a pre-Christmas dinner back in December. It’s a little single room bothy with a bed platform for four, chairs and table, a wood burning stove and some worktop space. Well equipped with saws, a shovel and a broom it’s a pleasant place to spend a day or an evening. From Byrness on the A68 it’s an easy 3-mile wander up a forestry track, but if you’re going up there in the dark take care as the track is covered with broken branches and old roots where trees have been harvested near the hut.

Part of my reason for going was to give the place a once over and to help stock the fuel supplies back up using my new Bob Dustrude folding buck saw. I was just out for a few hours and had quite a relaxing time; there’s not many better ways to spend a Sunday afternoon than in your own private woodland retreat now is there? Here’s a video of the afternoon’s exploits followed by a few photos:

A rotten tree blocking the path that meets the track to the bothy.


The trees opened up and the track was flat most of the way


Spithope poking through the brush


Looking proper clean and tidy…


…and stocked up with fuel for the next overnight visitors


The real surprise of the day. Is there a Tesco round here or something?


The rules for the Spithope Winter Slalom version of everyone’s favourite drinking game, Ring of Fire


Post chopping saw scene. Good time had by all.


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