RIP Titanium Mug

MugAfter a much needed brew on the summit of Tosson Hill the other day I strapped my Lifeventure Titanium Mug to the outside of my pack using the walking pole loops. I was in a bit of a rush on the way down the north side because the sun was setting fast and somewhere along the way it dropped off into the heather – probably never to be seen again. Bugger.

It was an alright mug while it lasted although every time I used it I played a lottery to see whether I’d burn my face off whilst the cuppa was still hot or wait long enough that my drink was luke warm before braving it. I recently bought a Sea to Summit Delta Insul-Mug so I don’t have to go shopping for a replacement. Its just a bit of a pain in the arse losing something like this, but hey, life goes on.

Tosson descent



  1. backpackingkids · December 13, 2012

    Hi Bearpacker. I have nominated your blog as a Liebster Blog (it means “dearest”). Here are the details about the award, a graphic to put on your blog, and some other tasks to do if you choose:

    Also, if you want to read my responses to the questions that were asked of me when I was given this award, you can read that here:

    Thanks for the gear reviews and trip reports, and keep them coming! 🙂


    • rcbprk · December 13, 2012

      Wow Tonya, thank you so much for the Liebster Blog nomination! You’re too kind, really.

      I’ll set about answering your questions over the weekend and get a post up with my nominations as soon as I can. Now to pick my favourite piece of gear…

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