Quick Review: My mild torch obsession

I own three LED torches which are all useful at different times:

Fenix E05: The E05 is on my keys and is great for finding lost contact lenses, but with only a single 27 lumen mode it is limited. Running on one AAA battery, it is light and pocketable – but not very versatile.

Fenix LD10:  A multi-mode, single AA flashlight that is solidly built and weighs 54g without a battery. Tail click switch makes for straightforward operation and IPX8 waterproofing inspires confidence. Output settings include 3, 13, 45 and 100 lumens.

ThruNite T10: My current favourite; this 17g, single AA torch is wrapped in about a foot of duct tape and is clamped on to my Fenix head strap for outdoor use. Twist head operation makes it foolproof, even when wearing gloves. Output modes are 0.09 (firefly), 9 and 115 lumens. No flashing, no fuss and fully waterproof.


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