Trip Report: Roseberry Topping

Location: Roseberry Topping, North York Moors

Date: 3 November 2012

Weather: Cool and dry with a light breeze

Company: Michael

Distance: 5.9 miles (9.5km)

Highest point: 320m (1,049ft)

Kit roundup: here

This hill was always an iconic sight during my youth, but not having a hillwalking inclination until recently I have always neglected to climb it despite its diminutive stature amongst the giants on the Trail 100. Roseberry Topping is the smallest on this list, standing just 320m above Cleveland, but this short morning jaunt soon made it’s appeal clear.

Spot the roe deer. This is the first time I’ve seen a deer whilst out walking; we caught a quick glimpse of him before he got spooked and bounded into the woods.

Walking from Pinchinthorpe it took us about an hour to reach the summit. The climb was easy but the great, and strangely familiar, views made up for the lack of challenge. We had a panorama that included the North Sea, Captain Cook’s monument, the North York Moors and Middlesbrough (lucky us).

We stopped at the top for an early dinner. In addition to my usual tuna sandwiches I went with a favourite of many hikers, primula. Moments after unpacking my food something in my brain clicked and I discovered the greatest snack known to man – the oatcake, primula and quaver canapé. My god, this is the food of kings.

Since it was a cold day today, with temperatures floating around 4 degrees, I’d decided to don my North Face Apex Bionic softshell over a long sleeved merino base layer before leaving the house. This kept me warm throughout, and perhaps a little too warm as we reached the summit but I was glad of the extra insulation when sitting down for a bite to eat. Thankfully my copious amount of hair kept my head toasty enough that my dodgy looking beanie didn’t have to be employed at any point.

On the way down I exchanged the softshell for my Patagonia Houdini windshirt. This offers little protection from the cold but I feel a lot more comfortable wearing it than when just sporting a base layer and I stayed a reasonable temperature as we moved quickly down hill.

After dropping down to Pinchinthorpe we grabbed a welcomed cuppa at the exhaustingly named Guisborough Forest and Walkway Visitors Centre. Me and mqhiker had to share a bit of mars bar rice crispie cake since we could only rustle up a fiver between us. The walk was short and pleasant, with a bit of wildlife and some cracking views of my home turf thrown in for good measure. My only complaint was the muddy paths which made a shocking mess of my Terra pants – can I finally justify buying gaiters?


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